Friday, December 17, 2010

Poetry Friday: Snow Music

Where I live, we get a lot of snow between December and March and although it must be shoveled, brushed off cars and pushed off roads, I can’t help but love it. It’s been snowing almost nonstop throughout this week, making driving a challenge but offering beauty and inspiration at my writing window.

Today I’d like to share my poem “Snow Music” which appeared in the February 2010 issue of Spider.I'm amazed by the way Jing-Jing Tsong's art brought this poem to life. 

Snow Music

What’s the sound
of falling snow?
A sleeping swan
with head tucked low.

Ice cream dripping
down a cone.
A polar bear
that swims alone.

Sugar dusting
angel cakes.
Is that the sound
a snowfall makes?

                   (click to enlarge) 

Today's Roundup is at The Poem Farm.


  1. Hi, Sheri. I found your blog through Poetry Friday. I love this poem! We just had our first snowfall yesterday...the pretty dusty kind, so the poem is resonating with me a lot. Congratulations on its publication earlier this year. And you are right...the illustration is lovely...

  2. Thanks, Kerry. The first snowfall is always so magical, isn't it? Brings me right back to my childhood every time.

  3. Congratulations, Sheri, on "Snow Poem" living on the pages of SPIDER! It's delightful, words and picture both. I love the comparisons to so many lovely, white, silences... Happy Poetry Friday! A.

  4. Congratulations. It's a lovely poem. I love the image of "a polar bear that swims alone. "It's very seldom we have snow in the deep South, so it is total delight when it happens. The whole city shuts down.

  5. Amy - thanks for stopping by!

    Doraine - I hope you see a few flurries this winter. Thanks!

  6. Replies
    1. Wonderful images....and a touch as light as snow! Loved this poem! we don't get much snow in India, except in the mountains, but when it does, the pines look lovely.

      Yes the art is great too!