Thursday, October 13, 2011

Coming Up for Air

Over the last several weeks, I have been working hard to meet a few deadlines so I have had to set my blog on the back burner. I hope to establish a blogging schedule this month because I really enjoy connecting with other writers through these posts and the posts of other bloggers. I’m wondering how all of you do it. How do you juggle the demands of life, work, and writing, and still manage to squeeze in time for blogging? Do you find that a blogging schedule helps?

I have been so immersed in my writing projects that when I do pop up and out of the world of words it really does feel like I am coming up for air. Just recently I emerged and realized that all of the books that I’d taken out of the library for research are overdue. When you have twenty-two books on loan, it doesn’t take long for the fines to be outrageous! I renewed all of them but I am left with a hefty fine. Oh, the guilt. Is it okay to think of library fines as a kind of good donation to the library? Having cards for two different library systems just complicates everything! I set up my accounts so that I would receive email notifications when my books are due. For some reason, I didn’t receive a notification for these books. That’s not an excuse. Maybe I should write down the due dates in my day planner.  Do any of you know of a way to ensure that books are returned by or renewed before the due date?


  1. I rely on the e-mails. And, yes you should think of the fine as a donation. ;0)

  2. If they didn't email me, I'd be totally lost. For a month or so, I stopped getting them, and I made a rather large "donation" to the library myself. Oops! :)

  3. I didn't know they did e-mails- I definitely have to set that up as last time I got books I ended up with a fine also. Truth be told, I didn't feel that bad about it either ;)

    I tried to blog on a schedule. It's not easy though! Especially when in the midst of a great writing project. Now, I'm back to blogging randomly a couple times a week. Good luck with it.

    The Warm Fuzzies Blogfest is coming up. I'm hoping I'll see you there!

  4. We don't get emails from our library, so I have to put my due dates into my diary the second I get home -- and I still make the odd charitable donation to my library! I like to think of all the wonderful new books I help buy...

  5. I wish we had email reminders. I don't have a system for remembering to check my due dates. Even though my fines are usually change, I'm sure it adds up, but like Amie said above, it's a donation!

  6. Sheri,
    I get the email reminders too, but I still mess up sometimes. I always feel really guilty about having to pay money for something that is a free service if used correctly. But we're all human. We all mess up once in a while. I'd write reminders in a day planner if I could count on myself to look at it every day. But I wouldn't. I'll never be that organized.

    I find blogging takes up a lot of time, so I only post once a week. But I totally love it and am glad I finally started. Hope you find a schedule that works for you without being overwhelming.

  7. I see that I am not alone with the library fines. I don't mind the small fines but I cringe every time I think of the last hefty one.

    Thanks for all the comments. I hope to get the blogging schedule figured out soon. Might be a good new year resolution!