Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kidlitosphere Progressive Poem - Day 29

It's actually Sunday, April 29th where I am but Blogger's time zone, I just realized, is Pacific Daylight Time so this post will come up as Saturday, April 28th. I am still up at midnight so I decided to post now. 

I’ve had so much fun discovering a new line in the Progressive Poem each day this month! Thanks again, Irene, for organizing this. 

If you are reading this                                                            

you must be hungry
Kick off your silver slippers
Come sit with us a spell

A hanky, here, now dry your tears
And fill your glass with wine
Now, pour. The parchment has secrets
Smells of a Moroccan market spill out.

You have come to the right place, just breathe in.
Honey, mint, cinnamon, sorrow. Now, breathe out
last week’s dreams. Take a wish from the jar.
Inside, deep inside, is the answer…

Unfold it, and let us riddle it together,

…Strains of a waltz. How do frozen fingers play?
How do fennel, ginger, saffron blend in the tagine?

Like broken strangers bound by time, they sisterdance…
their veils of sorrow encircle, embrace.
Feed your heart with waltzes and spices.
Feed your soul with wine and dreams.

Humble dust of coriander scents your feet, coaxing
seascapes, crystal sighs and moonshine from your melody
Beware of dangers along the path of truth
And beware, my friend, of too much bewaring–

strong hands cushion you, sweet scents surround you—now leap
without looking, guided by trust. And when you land
on silver-tipped toes, buoyed by joy– you’ll know
you are amazing, you are love, you are poetry—
here, you rest.

Muse. Up ahead, stepping stones speckle the stream, sturdy now.

Tomorrow we go full circle back to Irene.


  1. "stepping stones speckle the stream" How lovely is that?! Thank you, Sheri, so much, for your contribution. We'll wind things up tomorrow!

  2. And now, with such buoyant support, we are able to move on. It's as if we've been on quite a wonderful adventure and end with good feelings of well-being, Sheri. At least that's what I'm feeling. Thank you!

  3. It's coming to a lovely ending...but I'll miss the anticipation of discovering a new line each day.
    Nice addition.

  4. I agree with Penny -- I will miss the Progressive Poem. It's been so much fun. Nice line, Sheri!

  5. I love it! What a beautiful addition to the poem! I can't wait to see what Irene comes up with for a closing line.

  6. This poem is so kind, just like the people I've met in here! And what a fun line to read out loud!! a.

  7. Beautifully done, Sheri! This has been such fun. I'll go see how Irene resolved it.

  8. it! now off to see the completed poem!