Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Farm Animals

A little over a week ago, we travelled north for an hour and a half to visit the Georgian Bay area for a few days. Once there, we enjoyed the sun and beaches, the pines and poplars, and a movie outside under the stars.

The hilly drive there and back is something I always look forward to because of the gorgeous farms that we pass on our way. For miles, bright green or yellow fields stretch out toward the horizon as far as our eyes can see.  Roaming freely over those hills, are the stars of this scenic show. Horses gallop within white fences or sip from streams, their manes flowing in the breeze. Cows graze in pastures, or rest in the shade of trees. Pigs lounge closer to red barns set against blue skies.

We never tire of this scene, interrupting each other in conversation to point and say, “Look!” and the teenagers in the backseats exclaiming a combined “Aww!” with more volume than you’d expect. The fact that they were wearing earphones might have had something to do with it but I still enjoyed their enthusiasm.

The farm fun was not over as we pulled into our driveway, arriving back home. We noticed a box half-hidden by our doormat. I broke open the box to find the adorable faces of cows, horses and pigs looking up from book covers at me. The books I wrote for Capstone’s new Farm Animals series are now available!

The books are intended for PreK-Grade 2 readers. Through leveled text, kids will experience ‘a day in the life’ of each farm animal. The photographs are absolutely stunning and feature cows grazing in fields, pigs at play, and horses in action. Kids will learn interesting facts like how soon after birth a calf can stand, why pigs like to roll in mud puddles, and how tall the biggest horses can be. 

You can preview the books at the Capstone website. Once there, simply click on the book cover or title. On a new page, you'll see a preview option directly underneath the book. Hope you trot on over and check them out! 


  1. Lovely to see vacation time can merge with the creative productions of an author. My only complaint is that I would like to see the book covers on a bigger scale, and maybe just a few pics from that trip to Georgian Bay.
    Congratulations Sheri! ...and kudos to Capstone for their discriminating taste in authors and subject matter for young readers.

    1. Thank you, Stephen! If you want to see slightly bigger images of the book covers, there is a link above that will take you to the Capstone site and you'll see some there. : )

  2. Congratulations, Sheri! Your description, "Roaming freely over those hills, are the stars of this scenic show." is still making me giggle from the sweetness of it--much like the faces on those adorable covers. I am so glad to hear that teenagers with earphones can't help but emit an "Aw!" for farm animals. I know you did a super job of making that leveled text engaging and poetic, and that young animal fans are going to love those books.

    1. Oops! I'll try that again.
      Thanks, Karin!
      I loved working on these books. The support of you and the others in our group means so much to me. : )

  3. Oh, those covers are beyond cute! I've put in an order for all 3 of the books. Can't wait to get them and start using them with the young struggling readers I tutor.

  4. I'll be so eager to hear what they think of the books! :D
    Thanks, Judy! It's so nice to have my supportive writing buddies visit me here on the blog.