Friday, April 9, 2010

Poetry Friday - Shape Poems

The March 2010 issue of Appleseeds Magazine celebrates "Poets and Poetry." I am thrilled to have my work included in this exciting issue! My shape poems and an article "Get Your Poems into Shape!" begin on page 10.  I think that teachers will find this issue to be a useful resource to accompany Poetry Month celebrations.

Appleseeds March 2010
Poets and Poetry
(c) 2010 Carus Publishing Company.
Used by permission.

Here's a close-up of my poem "Snail Speed" from page 12 but I'm still not sure it will be big enough to read.
Here are the words:

Snail Speed

Fast is fun!
Fast is fine!
But sometimes S-L-O-W is just divine:
sipping icy lemonade
stretching back in willow's shade
searching for the perfect shell
lifting pine cones up to smell
hanging from a maple tree
swimming backwards, floating free
waiting for the fish to bite
holding steady on my kite
watching sunsets from the shore
gazing up at stars galore
hugging by the fireside
dreaming of a turtle ride

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